Lee Vishloff, PEng, WCP


● Large telecommunication project experience with teams up to 50 engineers.
● Line, staff and project management experience.
● Complex system design including wireless, satellite, telecom, and datacomm.
● A long history of working with the customers’ engineers and leadership team, including American and overseas clients.
● Practical business experience including start up and board experience.
● Strong people skills.
● Experience at public speaking.
● Qualified for TN or H-1 visa.


● Professional Engineer, Province of BC
● Wireless Communications Professional, IEEE WCP

● BASc, Electrical Engineering, University of British Columbia, 1982
● IEEE Intensive course on Wireless, 2011
● Strategic Selling, 2012
● Courses (4th yr and grad level) in electrical power, UBC Fall 2003
● Management of High-Technology Companies, Stanford/AEA, 1999
● Management Skills for Advanced Technology, SFU, 1988
● DiplT, Electronics, British Columbia Institute of Technology, 1975


US Patent 7,546,624 plus one other allowed


● Line, Staff and Project Management

Line responsibility for departments of up to 60 people, in one case traversing two locations. These positions required the responsibilities of budgeting, strategic planning, personnel hiring and evaluations and project monitoring.

Staff management position.  As part of the CTO organization, responsible for a range of items related to the long term technical health and product road map of the organization.  These included standards, product research, library, university research and patents.  Under my guidance staff acheived about 1 patent per year per employee.

Project management on many of the projects where I was the architect and/or lead engineer. As a veteran of contract R&D I am unusually skilled at envisioning how things can fail to happen as planned and work to have multiple contingency plans.

● Board Member Telecommunications Research Labs

TR Labs is Canada’s largest information and computer technology research consortium in Canada. It is funded by four governments with significant financial contributions from industry and academia.

I sat on the Finance and Audit Committee of this $12M organization. As a board member I provide support and guidance to management as we transition the organization from an academic orientation to a more industrial focused one.

● Affilations, Industry and Academic Bodies

In addition to the TR Labs board position, I have served on several joint industry/academic bodies including:

UBC ECE Advisory Committee

BCTI Technology Centre Advisory Board

Micronet Coordinating Committee


● Wireless Video Surveillance

I was the system architect, lead designer and manager of the design team which created the first rapidly deployable digital video wireless surveillance system.   This work was done in a start up under extremely tight staffing and budget constraints.   The resulting system comprised custom designed wireless cameras, a novel self configuring wireless system, a ground-up IP based Digital Video Recorder and other novel and robust elements.

● Handheld Video Viewing Unit

Designed for use by tactical officers the project created a handhled wirelss video unit for use with a wireless surveillance system.  The handheld unit has hot-swappable batteries, supports gloved hand operation and uses very robust secure radio technology.

● GTE Airfone

This project advanced the state of the art in aeronautical mobile communications and was installed on 1500 aircraft. This project required working with the customer’s senior management team (VP level) as well as the customer’s engineers responsible for the day-to-day operations of the network, which was an operating revenue generating network.

● Rural Radio

The target customer for this project was an Indian company, with the ultimate customer being the Indian DOT. Securing this project required meeting with the DOT in order to establish end need and requirements and to resolve frequency planning issues. My responsibilities included intensive battles with the European cellular providers and Qualcomm in order to secure a frequency band for our system to operate within. As project manager for the 18 developers I was the face of the project to the business side of the team consisting of an equal number of employees.

● Canada – Korea technology transfer project

Completed a technology transfer project with three Korean companies and the Korean government. The project team consisted of 33 Korean engineers and 20 Canadian engineers. My duties were project management of the hardware development and training of the Korean engineers in satellite systems and hardware design.


The project created one of the first Very Small Aperture Terminal satellite systems. As one of two system designers on this project I established the detailed requirements in concert with the customer (our parent company) met with their potential customers, produced marketing and sales support analysis and negotiated the specifications with the OEM component suppliers based in Japan.

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